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The Cannon Beach Arts Association supports,
funds, and enhances the arts and artists in Cannon Beach and
the region through education, events, and exhibits.

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    The Cannon Beach Arts Association’s mission is to support, fund and enhance the arts and artists in Cannon Beach and the region through education, events and exhibits. The Association has been operating since 1986 and is an established 501c3 supported by 9 Board members and many community sponsors.

  • "Learning to Build," by Lloyd McMullen.  The mixed media pod includes a small bird and bird nest inside.
Materials: Pod: Burnt wire frame, sewing patterns, flex gel and acrylic mediums.  Birds nest: acrylic mediums, sushi bowl, actual bird's nest; with bird made from Christmas light bulb, wire, acrylic/mediums, peeled paint, sewing patterns. 
Free flying bird also includes found wood. 
Birds have innate nest-building instincts. They also have a desire to improve their nests, so are always studying other nests: sometimes taking over better nests. Thus the patterns: instructions on how to, and the improvements from there. The actual nest rests inside a plastic sushi bowl: fallout from and armor for Changing Nature.

    Cannon Beach artist, Steve McLeod is known equally for his background in fine arts and as an avid beach comber and collector of tsunami debris. His work is a reflection of the life of the ocean and how worlds collide with modern plastics as a part of the worlds seas.

  • Shawn Demarset 
Beneath the Rug

    Substrate: The ground upon which stuff is built.
    Also, substratum: The material of which something is made
    and from which it derived its special qualities.