Mark Sokol

Mark is a native of Colorado, a husband, a student, a professional software engineer, and truly an artist at heart. During the day he crafts complex code and in his free time manifests beautiful and sacred works of art. Self taught, Mark creates pieces through organic mediums such as wood, metal, clay, leather, and glass through intuitive means. His creations include sacred furniture, custom clocks, hand carved wooden rings, hand thrown pottery, chain mail jewelry and both oil and acrylic paintings. His life experiences become an ultimate muse, with the energy of those experiences manifesting in unique and functional creations.

Mark holds a very deep respect for nature. In his free time he enjoys all that the outdoors have to offer. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu, is an avid rock climber, ice climber, kayaker and mountain biker and spends much of his creative time working outdoors. By intentionally creating an intimate connection with nature, the positive energy of the earth is channeled into the art that is created. Mark also uses his natural proclivity to move energy via the basic techniques of Reiki (healing movement of energy) to influence his connections to the people in which his art is created with and for.

“It is my hope that I can help others discover the innate positive energy that exists all around us by manifesting positive intention, healing and purity in the very physical expressive works I have made available here. I hope to expose the art and make the energetic experience of the natural world available to anyone who will appreciate it. I hope you enjoy what you see and more importantly, I hope you can feel what I do through the art I share.”

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