Endowment Fund

In 2006 the Cannon Beach Arts Association established an endowment fund through the Oregon Community Foundation. An anonymous CBAA member was generous enough to pledge $12,500. With matching contributions from our members and supporters, we were able to begin with a fund of over $25,000. The principal will remain in the fund, and it is our goal to allow the fund to grow through invested earnings and additional contributions, eventually helping to fund CBAA programs – Cannon Beach Gallery, Individual Artist Grant, Summer Internships, High School Scholarships, and Summer Art Camp.


This fund will play a necessary and important part in our future solvency and credibility and become part of a permanent legacy to the arts in Cannon Beach. We welcome your contribution to the CBAA endowment fund. If you choose to send a donation by mail, please be sure to specify that it is for the endowment fund. Please call or email us for more information.