Drea Frost

Drea Frost – Landscapes and Lost Objects: The Breath of Each Tide

April 1 – May 1, 2017

My work evolves around the ocean landscape, passing time and repeat patterns in nature. Seduced by the complexities of water and geometric forms in the ocean or surrounding areas, I seek to to create a visual representation of these elements. When I explore this landscape I find myself connecting with the textures and patterns that nature provides, finding interest in detritus that washes ashore, both organic and in-organic, for even the smallest of objects contain the beauty of randomness and irregularity.We live in one of the most dynamic environments on the planet, where ocean meets land; ever changing, our lives are deeply connected to this place where tides ebb and flow revealing aggregate shapes, leaving imprints, and proving that time is both fast and slow.

The act of elevating the objects from their stationary existence by removing them from their original context is something that interests me. When found objects are removed from the environment in which they exists, they becomes transformative, the most banal object transcends itself to become exotic. By integrating man-made debris I hope to aide in promoting environmental stewardship through art.

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