Beth I. Robinson


Beth I. Robinson M.S. is an artist, art conservator and conflict resolution specialist. She records the intellectual and emotional responses to the process of bereavement by utilizing letterpress printing techniques, conservation methods, collage, digital imaging and collecting ephemera and paper. This recording of mourning started when she was eight, after her grandfather died unexpectedly. The adults around her were openly heartbroken at his unexpected death. Even in their shock and awkwardness, they had the forethought to provide her with magazines, glue, and adult size scissors to make collages. She learned to be fully present in those sobering moments of youthful innocence about death and refused to lose a sense of wonder. This art practice cultivated an outlet for the unique conMlicts change and loss prompt.

Over a five-year period starting in 2005, three of her grandparents, her father, youngest brother, and mother died. These consecutive deaths gave a deeper awareness of societies awkward handling and lack of support for grievers with unspeakable emotions. Grievers live in two touching circles, the one before the loss and the one after, constantly trying to reconcile between the two. Messy emotions can not be Mixed by tucking them into neat little packages with rainbows, inspirational quotes and soft adorable creatures or avoidance. She is an advocate for grieving well through her art and meditation practice by companioning other grievers through the reality of loss.


She has combine her three passions, art, loss and caring for intangible and tangible cultural property. Before Minishing a BFA degree from Oregon College of Art and Craft as a Ford Restart Scholar, Robinson was a certiMied picture framer and paper restorer for 14 years. In 2007, she was awarded an opportunity with the University of Georgia to live and travel through Italy studying the conservation of books and art as a conMlict dispute resolution tool during the Renaissance. Her artwork has been celebrated in the public view for over ten years in both the United States and Europe. Showing her artwork publicly lead her to a Masters program at the University of Oregon Law School in ConMlict and Dispute Resolution and working as a private practice mediator and conMlict/grief coach. She works with grievers and their companions to Mind alternate ways of expressing grief and mourning during disputes. Also, she cares for cultural property as an art conservator and museum technician for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon, is restoring a Chandler and Price Letterpress machine and contemplating how to beat her brother in chess.

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