The Cannon Beach Arts Association would not be successful without the assistance of our many, wonderful docents. They are here to answer your questions about the art in the gallery, coming events, membership, and other questions you may have about CBAA. Docents work in the gallery, usually for 4 hours at a time, as often as they are able. Docents also may also assist at special events sponsored by CBAA. Docents who are artists may also have the opportunity to display their work in a special reserved space, which is referred to as the Docent Wall, for a month long exhibit of their work. Please feel free to approach them for assistance. If you are interested in becoming a Docent or volunteering, please contact our volunteer coordinator Linda Gebhart at

Or you can sign up directly here!

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2018 Docents
Peggy Biskar
Nancy Bond
Dorota Haber-Lehigh
Daron Patton
Linda Gebhart
Lila Wickham
Meagan Sokol
Judith Pearson
Cathy Green
Frankie White
Kim Adams
Linda Schaeffer
Bev Cordova
Brianna Ortega
Carolyn Propst
Cindi Plath
Heather Brien
Kristin Steinke
Summer Peterson