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Six Oregon Printmakers: 16 July – 28 August

"Hidden Nest". Soft ground and Chine Colle. 16 x 20. Jani Hoberg

“Hidden Nest”. Soft ground and Chine Colle. 16 x 20. Jani Hoberg

Six Oregon Printmakers presents the work of a diverse group of artists at different stages of their careers. The exhibition features the work of Frank Boyden, Liza Jones, Jani Hoberg, Paul Miller, Dmitri Swain and Susan Walsh. Dmitri Swain, the youngest of the group is an illustrator and painter making his first foray into printmaking. At the other end of the spectrum is Frank Boyden — the most established artist in the group. All the artists have embraced printmaking techniques to create beautiful and accomplished work.

"Goat", engraving by Dmitri Swain

“Goat”, engraving by Dmitri Swain

Frank Boyden began making prints in 1963 at Colorado College, studying with Gabor Peterdi at Yale. In 1999 he built a large print facility at his home on the Oregon Coast, making his own presses and all equipment. In 2000 Boyden began to produce prints that explored the human condition, including the Uncle Skulky suite of 21 prints. With this work Boyden began a serious investigation of narrative imagery and visual and psychological story telling. The Portland Art Museum’s Gilkey Center houses a complete archive of Boyden’s prints.

Liza Jones and Paul Miller share a studio and a sense of whimsy. As a painter-printmaker, Jones’s work often has a bright color palette, while Miller’s work is more tonal, and can veer toward a darker imagery. Susan Walsh and Jani Hoberg are inspired by the woodland and coastal wild life that surround their homes. Walsh described her attraction to printmaking saying, “Printmaking is very, very physical. That’s what I like about it. There’s a lot of routine. It’s like ritual. You get into this whole dance.”

"Possession of Uncle Skulky", etching and drypoint, 8 x 7.4 in, by Frank Boyden

“Possession of Uncle Skulky”, etching and drypoint, 8 x 7.4 in, by Frank Boyden