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Stan Peterson & Jeanne Henry: August 27 – September 28

Cannon Beach Art Gallery’s September Show brings two non-traditional sculptors together. Stan Peterson is a self-taught woodcarver. Jeanne Henry is an established potter who has stepped out of the box to create innovative ceramic reliefs. There is an element of folk art charm about both these bodies of work, while maintaining their credentials in the ream of fine art.

Stan Peterson in his studio

Stan Peterson in his studioStan Peterson says, “I carve wood sculptures, which depict moments when something is about to happen. These are everyday moments, sometimes poignant, sometimes with an edge of humor.” His work is often modest in scale, handheld, yet on occasion feels ‘larger than life’.


Stan Peterson says, “I carve wood sculptures, which depict moments when something is about to happen. These are everyday moments, sometimes poignant, sometimes with an edge of humor.” His work is often modest in scale, handheld, yet on occasion feels ‘larger than life’.

The work begins with sketches, usually draw in the evening, depicting the things he has seen, heard, read, or remembered. The drawings capable of standing up as a sculpture are redrawn or painted on basswood, then rough-cut with Japanese saws. Over months these are carved with chisels and flex knives defining the gesture and giving the figures ‘presence’. The finished carving is then defined with hints of washed on color. “When the Sculpture stands on it’s own with a casual sense of grace, it is time to travel to the Gallery.”

Ceramic Relief by Jeanne Henry

Ceramic Relief by Jeanne Henry

Jeanne Henry has been a potter for 38 years, creating elegant and functional ceramics. Her divergence into carved relief sculpture originated in her passion for photography. She tells how she has, “ always loved photography. I’ve been drawn to images that pull you in and make you wonder, “What’s around that corner?” In 2000, she took photographs in Southern France and Corsica. “One set of images of ancient archways had intense appeal to me. I printed endless photographs, blew them up, drew them, made intaglio prints and did water colors of those archways. I was compelled to work with them. It became essential to find a way to blend my photography with my clay.”

Determined to find a way to wed the two disciplines, she worked with layers of clay and realized that she could show distance and perspective by carving. Employing the firing and glazing techniques with which she was familiar, she began to experiment with stoneware clays, Mason Stains and oxides create a sense of space and distance. She continues to base these works on her own photographs from Oregon and abroad, calling them “vacations for your mind”.

Jeanne Henry functional ceramics will also be available at the gallery throughout the exhibition.

Ceramics by Jeanne Henry

Ceramics by Jeanne Henry

Reception: Saturday, August 29th, 5-7pm

This exhibition was made possible with the aid of our funding partner James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation

Sediment: July 2 – July 26

July 2 – July 26

‘Sediment’ brings together the work of three artist-printmakers who draw their inspiration from the natural environment of the Oregon Coast.


Stirling Gorsuch, Sarah Baumert-Lippold and Kirsten Horning each demonstrate their technical skills, including monotypes, relief printing combined with Chine-collé alongside their artistry through image. Each artist is a current member of the North Coast Printmakers Collective (NCPC), which was founded around the work of printmaker Royal Nebeker and the facilities at Clatsop Community College in Arstoria, OR.

All the artists in this ‘Sediment’ show credit the late Oregon artist, Nebeker as being an important mentor. This is evident in the collective use of bold color choices and the dynamic layering to create depth and texture.

Stirling Gorsuch pairs the natural elements of the Oregon coastline with considered geometric forms as a way of translating nature’s complexities such as; the moon’s power over the tides, the time of day or prolonged decay due to erosion. “My work records these associations in order to clarify how environments are continually shaped and reshaped throughout time”. Gorsuch creates pieces through linocut and monoprint with focus on stark contrasts of bold and muted colors.

Sarah Baumert-Lippold primarily uses monotype to achieve deep color and texture using stencils and strips of wood for natural references through the wood’s grain. Baumert-Lippold’s work is considered abstract, as she blurs the horizon of sea and sky within the rich colors.

Kirsten Horning favors the use of woodblock techniques, from the process of carving the wood to the richness of the inks used. This collection of work displays the mythical world on the backdrop of the natural world. “My work is a reflection of the beauty and diversity of the environmental condition of human experience”.

‘Sediment’ compliments the similarities of these artists such as the processes and inspirations yet highlights the strengths of each individual, displaying their own personal view on the world.

Stirling Gorsuch has an established connection to the Cannon Beach Gallery, a program of the Cannon Beach Arts Association as he participated in the gallery’s summer internship program for two years. This year’s intern, Alisa Vernon, will be gaining her experience working on this show, bringing things full circle.

The show has received partner funding from the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation.

Imagine That: July 30 – August 24

‘Imagine That’ is an exhibition resulting from an invitation to artists to take a 12 x 12 inch panel and allow their imaginations to take  flight. With no themes or restrictions other than those set by the starting point, the blank board, this may be one of our most diverse shows. The exhibition is also a major fundraiser for the Cannon Beach Arts Association with many of the artists donating the full proceeds of the sale of their work. Each of these gems will be sold for just $150 and is a great opportunity to collect works by many of our best local and regional artists.

'Crows 2' by Peter Greaver

‘Crows 2’ by Peter Greaver

'The Couple' by Hana Greaver

‘The Couple’ by Hana Greaver

'Nehalan' by Dixie Kroupa

‘Nehalan’ by Dixie Kroupa

'Day Dreams' by Stan Brown

‘Day Dreams’ by Stan Brown

'Untitled Moth 111' by Dmitri Swain

‘Untitled Moth 111’ by Dmitri Swain

'Numbers Game' by M.J. Anderson

‘Numbers Game’ by M.J. Anderson

'Haystack Rock' by Peter Greaver

‘Haystack Rock’ by Peter Greaver

'Gull' by Hana Greaver

‘Gull’ by Hana Greaver

'Fire within' by M.J. Anderson

‘Fire within’ by M.J. Anderson

'She's all socked up... ready to go' by Marga Stanley

‘She’s all socked up… ready to go’ by Marga Stanley

The show runs from July 30th through August 24th, with a reception on Saturday, August 1st, 5 – 7pm. The show is supported by our funding partner, the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, and exhibition sponsors, Martha and Curt Moulton.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the contributing artists and request that they complete the SubmissionForm and bring it in when they deliver their work on Tuesday 28th July.


Docent Wall July: Bonny Gorsuch

Bonny Gorsuch is are featured artist on our Docent Wall. Bonny has been volunteering as a Docent for Cannon Beach Gallery for twelve years or more. If you would like to chat to her about her work, she is generally in on Sunday afternoons. In addition to becoming a valued mainstay in the operations of the gallery she is a talented artist in her own right. As a self-taught artist, she considers her work in context with folk art, using materials that are free or found readily at hand.

She began to use found materials as a child, making clothes for her troll dolls out of bits of felt and trim. “I still have those troll clothes hanging in my studio to remind me that I have always created in this way. I prefer small snippets and scraps rather than yardage”. She lives and works in Cannon Beach, her studio with a view of the Pacific Ocean. This is a lively environment, bursting at the seams with salvaged fabric, dolls, whatever else might have struck her fancy at a thrift store, alongside projects in various states of completion.

The beach has always been a great influence on her, being born in California, living in Hawaii for several years and finally settling here in Cannon Beach. “There is something so pure and real yet magical here at the coast. I hope always to live in close proximity to the ocean.”

Fabric is not just Bonny’s medium of choice; fabric is her passion. She uses fabric in her found object assemblages, vintage fabric collages, wearable art, textile banners and art quilts. Bonny has been featured in several national magazines and books including: Altered Couture, Belle Armoire, Coastal Living, Haute Handbags, Sew Somerset, Art Quilting Studio, Mary Jane’s Farm, Surf Collection, Alaska Airlines, Our Coast, Little Thing Magazine, etc.