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CBAA Board of Directors Recruits New Program Director

The Cannon Beach Arts Association Board of Directors spent the better part of Spring defining and recruiting for the nonprofit’s primary paid position of Program Director.  Jane Brumfield of Boise, Idaho, rose to the top of 27 applicants vying for the post based on her professional experience and her vision for the Association.  A native of England, Jane and her husband Mike lived in the Boise area for the past six years where Jane operated the Brumfield Gallery.  The pair had discussed relocating to the north Oregon coast after visiting Astoria and Cannon Beach on a regular basis.  Seeing the posting for the CBAA Program Director position seemed serendipitous, prompting Jane to submit her resume which recounts a life that has been dedicated to programming and curating the visual arts.
Originally a student of fine art herself, Jane received a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Fine Art from the Sculpture Department at Brighton University.  Subsequent to her academic studies, she became involved as a volunteer administrator with a cooperative gallery in East Sussex.  Through this role, she began to curate her first shows, revealing a talent and ability for curating.  Taking her knowledge of materials and techniques as well as a sense of compassion for the dedication, discipline, and fortitude of character required to make a living as an artist, Jane began pursuing a path of gallery management that led to such roles as Arts Development Officer for the Kent County Council and an appointment as Exhibitions Officer for the Crafts Council.  She became responsible for implementation of the exhibition program for the Crafts Council Gallery in Islington, London, a prestigious institution with a respected exhibition program of nationally and internationally significant shows.  In July of this year, she will commence a distance learning program toward a Masters Degree in Arts Administration through Goucher College in Maryland.
As Program Director for the CBAA, Jane will oversee management and implementation of CBAA programs with the support of the volunteers who make those programs a reality.  The Cannon Beach Arts Association has a mission to support, fund, and enhance the arts and artists in Cannon Beach and the region through education, events, and exhibits.  With almost thirty years as a platform for the arts, it is the intention of the CBAA to initiate interest in the arts and develop talent via its Summer Art Camp and Arts in Education programs as well via its flagship at the Cannon Beach Gallery in midtown.  The gallery program is the association’s primary means to support artistic careers through retail gallery sales of fine art, but the paid Arts Internship and an Individual Artist Grant also nurture significant advances for aspiring artists and art administrators.  Brumfield’s  experience prepares her for the challenge of maintaining the balance between providing the visiting public with a program of new work that engages and expands horizons while supporting the development of the local arts community.

Get Your Raffle Tickets Now!

We have a proud tradition of Art Raffles here at the Cannon Beach Gallery, in which a local artist is commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art or jewelry. This year we have a piece of glass created by Cannon Beach artist Suzanne Kindland. It is “free blown”, meaning that no mold was used in the process of making it. Suzanne layers molten clear glass over specially made, “compatible” colored glasses. After balancing the piece, and carefully adjusting its temperatures, she then expands it to create the cavity and the inside curvatures. She transfers it to a pontil so it can be held from the bottom, and shapes the lip. As the piece gently cools overnight, its colors come out to play.

Come into the gallery today to buy a ticket! You can also visit us at the Cannon Beach Farmers Market June 30th or mail us a check at P.O. Box 684, Cannon Beach, Oregon, 97110.

Tickets are $5 each or five for $20. The winning ticket will be picked during the artist reception at the Cannon Beach Gallery on August 29, 2015!

Nature Journaling Workshop

A spectacular day for a Nature Journaling workshop with Dorota Haber-Lehigh at the Circle Creek Habitat Reserve! Thank you to Dorota and the North Coast Land Conservancy for hosting our fine group of journal keepers. If you missed the fun this time, stay tuned for future opportunities to make art on the land – it is certainly full of inspiration.

CBAA High School Scholarships Awarded

CBAA is thrilled to announce the 2015 recipients of the Cannon Beach Arts Association High School Scholarship program. Pictured from left are Giselle Pincetich, Haylee Dundas, and Bradley Weber. Each student will receive $500 toward college tuition expenses. All three students possess wonderful creative talents. It’s our honor to support them in their pursuits for the future.