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12th Annual Summer Art Camp

The Cannon Beach Arts Association is pleased to offer the 12th Annual Summer Art Camp from July 28 – August 1, 2014.

General Information:

New for camp this year: all classes will be held at the Cannon Beach Community Church located at 132 E Washington Street in Cannon Beach. We are excited for the opportunity to use this dynamic space for our awesome line-up of classes! With so many great topics and teachers, you may have difficulty deciding which class to take.
Class size is limited. Students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay in returning your registration form!

Class materials are provided. Students should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for doing art and craft activities. Some classes involve use of paints and glue that could damage clothing; please dress accordingly.

Summer Art Camp2

Please bring drinking water and a light snack to class if desired. Food and drinks will not be provided by class instructors. Students ages 5-14 who plan to stay on campus between the morning and afternoon sessions will be required to register for the Supervised Play Hour. Students must bring a sack lunch. Activities will be offered to keep kids moving and engaged!

The Supervised Play Hour is offered free to Cannon Beach Arts Association members, with a $5/per day fee for non-members. In addition to reduced tuition at Art Camp, CBAA members receive monthly exhibit mailings, our bi-annual newsletter and a 5% discount on purchases at the Cannon Beach Gallery.

We look forward to helping you meet your full creative potential!

Summer Art Camp Brochure

Registration Form

Please mail your registration and payment by July 21 to:
Cannon Beach Arts Association
PO Box 684
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

For more information:
CBAA Gallery @ 503-436-0744
Art Camp Director Mary Bess Gloria @ 971-219-9413
or via email at

The CBAA offers a week long Summer Art Camp every year the last week of July.  The camp is for ages 3-adult.

The CBAA offers a week long Summer Art Camp every year the last week of July. The camp is for ages 3-adult.

Abstraction Revisited II

It has been over 100 years since, Wassily Kandinsky painted Picture with a Circle in 1911, which is considered by art historians as the first abstract painting. Since that time, artists have been exploring the concept of abstraction in paint, stone, glass and every other imaginable media in an ongoing conversation that will now continue at the Cannon Beach Gallery in a show entitled, Abstraction Revisited.

A three man show featuring Cannon Beach painter, Clement Lee, sculptor Tom Small from Friday Harbor, Washington and print-maker, Barbara Mason from Portland, Oregon, the Abstraction Revisited will open on March 1-31, 2014. The Artist’s Reception will be on Saturday, March 1, from 5-7 pm with light refreshments served.

Cannon Beach painter, Clement Lee has a diverse background, that spans three continents. Lee was born in China, grew up in Hong Kong and has also lived in Brazil before settling down in the United States. An expressive, abstract painter, Lee’s style reflects his unique background with the energetic, gestural brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy, the warm colors of Brazil and the looseness and boldness of American Abstract Expressionism.
Lee has recently opened a working studio, gallery in Cannon Beach, and is involved with the Cannon Beach Arts Association as a Gallery Docent.

Sculptor, Tom Small, grew up whittling everything within reach, including bars of soap and butter on the table. While living in the Olympic Mountains, in mid 1980s, Small fell in love with carving river stone. This eventually prompted Small to build a studio in the woods on top of a little mountain on the Island of San Juan in 1989.
“If my pieces had a theme, it might be about the movement of energy from earth and stone in to sky and stars. Our Earth is mostly stone, centering gravity in our feet. Our bodies reach skywards and our heads in the…

Exhibit Underwriters Play an Important Role

Exhibit Underwriters play a key part in making the month long exhibitions at the Cannon Beach Gallery possible. Last year, Lum’s Automotive sponsored the Boats Show with featured artist Noel Thomas in June, this is a photograph of the artist and his wife with Pam Lum and CBAA Board Members Don Frank and Mary Bess Gloria.
In August, 2014, Lum’s also acted as the Exhibit Underwriter for Intersections, a group show featuring a mix of North Coast artists including Liza Jones, Allyn Cantor and Janet Bland.
If you own a business or consider yourself a patron of the arts, consider becoming an Exhibit Underwriter. You will get the pleasure of contributing to the cultural landscape of Oregon in a meaningful way and it is tax deductible!



Bistro Satellite Gallery

Have you visited the new Annex Gallery at the Bistro downtown Cannon Beach? There is an amazing collection of work by Oregon painter, Pam Greene on display.

Pam Greene, who signs her work P.S. Greene, understands the landscape as both a naturalist and artist. As a former botanist, she enjoys seeing the growth patterns and distribution of plant species, the subtle effects of soil water gradients, and the evidence of volcanic episodes and phases of erosion. Greene’s visual translation of the land is fueled by an appreciation of these natural phenomena. Expressing the nature of nature in action is her ideal.

The subject matter for her oil paintings ranges from the vast, basalt filled Central Oregon desert, to the dramatic high contrast of red Ponderosa Pines in the snow, to the majestic cliffs and surreal Sitka Spruce of the North Oregon Coast.

This site is intended to give insight into the locations and inspiration behind the paintings and an overview of the artwork.


A Cannon Beach tradition, the Bistro, is a family run eatery featuring original artwork via the CBAA.

A Cannon Beach tradition, the Bistro, is a family run eatery featuring original artwork via the CBAA.

Spring Unveiling News, 2014

Featured Artist: Catherine Kumlin

When I travel I draw.

Drawings record time and place. My drawing partner is my husband, Robert Gamblin. This collection
of drawings are a record of the times we have shared traveling. Some of the drawings are close to our home in Portland Oregon. Other drawings were done while on business trips. The silver point cloud drawings are from a plane traveling home from Amsterdam.

All of the drawings have stories and memories imbued in them. There is an intimacy in sharing these drawings both because of the size and the sharing of a story. Whistler, Turner and Monet all traveled to Venice to draw and paint. They talked of bringing home souvenirs, their drawings. When I was in Venice, I too drew along the Grand Canal and in doing so I brought home the drawings of buildings and sky and water that are a kind of souvenir. They are souvenir because I have brought these drawings home with me, but they also anchor me to those places that I had time to sit, contemplate and draw.

Spring Unveiling at the Cannon Beach Gallery is going to feature a powerhouse of talented Portland artists for a show entitled Northwest Nouveau, May 1- June 2, 2014. The show will feature Catherine Kumlin Gamblin, Jean Rosenbaum, Jean Erhardt, and Sandy Sampson.


Reclaiming the Green World ~ April 4-28, 2014

Artist, garden-maker, and sometimes curator, Jessica Schleif, is based in Astoria where she has been building both private and public gardens, and making fiber art installations for the past 17 years.

She is interested in the transformation of objects into totems by bringing art from the studio out into the natural world, and also the reverse. Recently, she has been working on a small scale combining glass, felt and plants into art terrariums.

The Cannon Beach Gallery is excited about the upcoming installation, Reclaiming the Green world which will open on April 4 with a rocking Artist’s Reception on Saturday, April 5 from 5-7. Shhh… we hear the Fort George Brewery is donating some of their delicious beer to get the party started.



This show is sponsored by Recology of Western Oregon

We are open on Wednesday March 25th!

Surprise! We are going to be open on Wednesday this week for Spring Break along with our buddies, the Bald Eagle Coffee Shop.

The Cannon Beach Gallery is open from 10-4. The Bald Eagle serves delicious vegetarian soups.
Sounds like a perfect day for a rainy day art outing!
This is the last full week of Abstraction Revisited, which is truly a show that shouldn’t be missed if you are a fan of art.

Artists Clement Lee, Tom Small and Barbara Mason have new work on display and it is a revelation!

Image - Tom Small

Image Barbara Mason

Reclaiming the Green World

The Cannon Beach Gallery will be hosting a dynamic installation curated by Astoria resident, Jessica Schleif, entitled Reclaiming the Green World from April 4-28, 2014 with an Artist’s Reception from 5-7pm on Saturday, April 5.
The third annual green inspired show at the Cannon Beach Gallery happens in April in honor of Earth Day.

A well-known garden maker and artist, Schleif is known for her innovative installations that include natural and re-purposed materials, which the she uses to make interactive environments. The show, Reclaiming the Green World, was conceptualized as a group show with artists exploring the concept of creative culture verses consumer culture.

The exhibition well established artists like Agnes Fields who will be showing two-dimensional, mixed media work inspired by her recent artist in residency in Finland and Anne Greenewood, whose “What’s in the Bag,” interactive, community based project explores the concept of identity and reclaiming our relationship with the natural world. In addition, there will be terrariums and installation work by Jessica Schleif, Kimberly Waites, Andee Gowing, Maurico Rioseco, Thor Andersson and Karl Travenshek.

Image: Agnes Field, Room to Spare, Mixed Media, 2013

Recology of Western Oregon is the Exhibit Underwriter for the exhibition.


Featured Item 1

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